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Our Real Purpose is focused on helping you make the money you deserve. We get you started right away making more money with the right products with the right compensation.  But we are also there to help you build value in your firm or practice so that you can have your Ultimate Payday - The Equity Event - The ExitStrategy you decide is right for you.


Our motto says it all - Make Money and Have Fun Doing It.


The Syndicate’s Vision is to provide meaningful content to guide agents and/or agency owners on their path to building and maximizing the value of their practice or firm. Our sole Mission is to continually develop a platform for you to leverage the ideas and concepts on how to achieve Your Ultimate Objective.


The foundation to your business is providing clients with great financial solutions to their challenges they face in today complex and ever changing world.  The Syndicate has developed a full line of insurance products designed to protect and create great income opportunities for American Families   Just as important to recreate an opportunity to reward you and your agents for the dedicated work you do every day.  


No successful business runs on products alone.  It takes quality back office and ancillary services to be successful.  We have aligned with many non-product providers that can help you run your business without unduly taking all your time and attention to non-revenue generating tasks.


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