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The Syndicate Resource Network

The Syndicate Resource Network is for a special breed of entrepreneur. We exist to help you make the money you deserve. Both the annual revenue that will create the lifestyle of your dreams and the Maxing Out Equity for your Big Payday – The Exit Strategy that is right for you.

Whether you are a individual producing agent or a “C” level leader who is focused on building a business to help middle Americans achieve financial security. The Syndicate is for those who are providing Main Street Americans the peace of mind of financial security, but also introducing them to a new career opportunity that can change their lives and their family’s future.

Most of our Members started in their business from scratch being told – you can build a business for yourself, but not by yourself. At some point our Members learned that it was never really their business and realized that being part of a big corporate thinking company limits their true wealth building potential. It becomes clear that being part of a 
post equity event company means you can never have true control of your future. More importantly, you can never achieve your true and rightful financial reward.

I have watched the independent financial planners join together to maximize their profitability and their exit strategy. They did this while maintaining their independent identity and their business culture. The same has happened for small brokerage firms.And even the highly competitive senior market is following the same formula with two major firms consolidating this market sector.

It is now time for this business wealth opportunity to be available for those in the financial network marketing sector. Some say it cannot be done.  I believe otherwise.

  • I know the value to insurance carriers of what you do.

  • I know the value of recruiting the next generation of financial professionals.

  • I know how to structure a “sale side” transaction that meets your Ultimate Objectives.

The Syndicate was created to be the platform for you to get the year after year profits you deserve. The Syndicate was created to be the platform for you to have the Business Exit Strategy that is Right for YOU on your terms for its true value.

Together our Mission tis o Max Out your Business Building Opportunity. I look forward working with you to –


Make Money and Have Fun Doing It!

Our Team
Jerry Vahl.jpg

As I look back at my career, I am proud to say two things dominated my life. First, my love and dedication to my family and friends and second my commitment to the financial services industry. My career started as a Financial Advisor for IDS/American Express in 1984, providing financial plans to clients on a direct basis. What fun and such rewards.

The bulk of my career was with AEGON USA (AKA Transamerica). It was a great company with a clear motto - Respect People, Make Money, Have Fun. AEGON provided me great growth opportunities and international experiences. Being able to play a role in the great story of Transamerica Premier (previously Western Reserve Life), ISI and World Financial Group has been a blessing in both business and friendships.

More recently, my attention has turned to all those leaders that are building their own future and the future of others.  They are changing the opportunity for clients and associates.  Today businesses are shifting financial responsibilities away from them and on to employees.  Our government's uncontrolled spending puts our children's future in serious peril.  We have been the subjects of so much intense consumerism that too many Americans are now ill prepared financially. 

The purpose behind the purpose of helping Americans is building wealth for you and your associates.  My mission for as long as I am able is to share my knowledge, my experiences, and my relationships to help you build the marketing organization you have been working hard to create.  

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