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Our Business Building Services

Yes, we offer great complete portfolio of life and annuity products, but it takes more to succeed in today’s competive marketplace.  We have leveraged our relationships with other companies that specialize in the services is takes to win in today’s market.  



A Broker Dealer Firm


Your practice is unique, and you have unique needs. Does your Broker dealer mandate the way you do business and the tools you use? Consider building your practice your way with Intervest International. Whatever your story, our B/D has the options and tools to help you define the next chapter exactly the way you want.


  • BE INDEPENDENT – Pursue the freedom and rewards that come with owning your business – Intervest is committed to supporting your vision of success.

  • LEVERAGE OUR HYBRID RIA MODEL – Conduct fee and commission-based business seamlessly from a single platform. Intervest offers a fully integrated platform that lets you do just that.

  • YOUR TEAM OR BUILD A TEAM – Your team can make the decision to join, or you can build a team with our library of recruiting resources, recruiting contracts and industry acumen.




Through our relationships we can provide you access to SureLC carrier contracting and appointment processes.  Automation is the key to your success.  SureLC is the leader in the industry to removing the burden from your staff in the appointment processing.  



Back Office Systems


The Syndicate has and will continue to monitor the limited number of back office systems that report to beable to handle the complex=x nature of your commission paying appointment processing.  This can easily become an overwhelming set of tasks that divert your time and attention away from what you do best,  Your unique business structure and needs will be the key to finding the best fit for your organization. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email or via our social media channels.

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