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Fidelity & Guaranty Life

You may be seeking some security for you and your loved ones, and our annuities and life insurance policies are equipped to do just that. You can be protected during life’s unexpected events, indirectly participate in the market without experiencing the downside and create a predictable income you can count on.

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Mutual of Omaha

Guaranteed Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance coverage designed to provide protection for your family by locking in benefits that can help pay for end-of-life expenses, as well as cash value that can be accessed in an emergency.


In its simplest form, life insurance is a promise between an insurance company and you, the policy owner. If you pay a certain amount of money (premium) to the insurance company, the insurance company will pay a certain amount of money (death benefit) to the person (beneficiary) you tell us to when the person whose life is being insured dies.

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Today’s families are concerned about the bigger picture: healthcare costs, retirement readiness, and protecting their family’s quality of life. That’s why we’re committed to helping provide holistic solutions designed to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security.

Life insurance from Transamerica helps protect people’s financial future with solutions through every stage of life. Explore our range of cost effective options below, and rest easy.

When considering whether to purchase an annuity, it's important to understand how the value of the annuity is determined, the liquidity options available to you, as well as any tax benefits or implications of placing retirement savings in an annuity. Before you decide to purchase an annuity, ask yourself the following questions:

  • "How much annuity income will I need and for how long?"

  • "When will I need access to the funds?"

  • "Do I have an emergency fund set aside to meet my other obligations?"

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Protecting savings in turbulent times. Creating lifetime income for a secure retirement. At Athene, we’re always reaching higher so you can achieve more.

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A common belief about life insurance is that it’s complex and difficult to understand. And at times, it can seem to be. But life insurance as a concept is fairly easy to understand. Life insurance is a contract involving three parties – an insured person, a life insurance provider and a beneficiary. Depending on the product, it is designed to pay a benefit to the beneficiary or beneficiaries when the insured person dies or becomes critically ill.

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At North American, we know you want to be a smart planner when it comes to your financial future. In order to do that, you need tools and guidance you can trust.

Here’s how we can help—North American offers flexible products designed to meet your long-term goals. Now that’s a smart plan.

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A life insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company. Its main purpose is to provide a financial benefit (which is generally income-tax-free) to your loved ones after you die. This death benefit can:

  • Cover funeral expenses

  • Pay a mortgage

  • Supplement educational expenses

  • Replace lost income

  • Protect the value of an estate; and more

Annuity products that fit the ever-changing needs and goals of retirement are our specialty. American Equity's fixed and fixed index annuities are sound, simple, and competitive. You'll sleep better at night knowing your principal is secure—that’s why we call it "Sleep Insurance®".

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Did the pandemic cause you to dip into your retirement nest egg to pay for emergency expenses? We compiled a list of good savings strategies to help get you through a tough time. Use our ten tips to get back on track and help rebuild your savings for retirement.

And many more......

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